Dear Friend,

It’s that time of year: mailboxes flooded with glossy postcards, phones ringing off the hook, clipboard-carrying volunteers at your door every other day. And in many parts of Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, Roslindale,and Brookline, it’s impossible to turn the corner without someone asking who you’re voting for.

As leaders of the Progressive Movement in the State House, we get it — this election is critical. That’s why we’re writing you from as far away as the Berkshires. We hope you’ll give us two quick minutes of your time to hear what we have to say.

We’re honored to have earned perfect voting records with a host of progressive organizations, and even more proud to lead on some of the most critical progressive issues that were raised this session. Jim authored the Healthy Youth Act to require substantive sexual education in our public schools. Kay led the charge to ban so-called “conversion therapy” that targets the LGBTQIA community. Marjorie penned the proposal to lift the racist and sexist cap on public assistance programs like SNAP and WIC. Tricia helped to shepherd countless priority bills and resolutions as co-chair of our House Progressive Caucus.

Needless to say, we are frustrated by the lack of movement on a host of important progressive issues. We’ve had our share of tense conversations with leadership over the years about that very point. That’s why we were so excited to finally have a budget committee chair who shared our progressive values.

We’ll cut straight to the point: there is no scenario where things get better for progressives if Jeff Sanchez loses this election. Jeff is, by far, the most progressive budget chair the House has ever had.

We need more progressive like Jeff in House leadership, not fewer —and if he loses, it’s a near-guarantee that the leadership team will skew more conservative next session. That’s a huge setback to the progressive agenda we all want.

The decision on who represents your area is totally up to you and your neighbors, and we understand there are a host of reasons to vote for or against any candidate. All we ask is that you consider the serious, statewide impact your vote will have on our ability to move a progressive agenda forward in the State House.

Our progressive agenda is far better off with Jeff Sanchez as House Ways & Means Chair than without — there’s no other way to put it. We humbly ask that you vote to re-elect Jeff Sanchez for State Representative on Tuesday, September 4th.


Representative Majorie Decker (D-Cambridge), Lift the Cap Author
Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier (D-Pittsfield), Progressive Caucus Co-Chair
Representative Kay Khan (D-Newton), Conversion Therapy Ban Author
Representative Jim O’Day (D-Worcester), Healthy Youth Act Author