Jeff Sánchez is a product of his community. He grew up in public housing in Mission Hill, where his mother had to fight to bring resources and attentions to an otherwise neglected neighborhood. He often accompanied her to rallies, sit-ins, and demonstrations, where she worked to bring people together to improve the quality of public housing and stop violence in the neighborhood, culminating in a successful lawsuit against the city’s housing authority. These early experiences proved formative for Sánchez, who has made bringing people’s diverse perspectives to the table a key component to his legislative success.

Early Career

Over the years, Jeff worked providing services to homeless immigrant youth and in the financial services industry, gaining valuable experience before joining Mayor Thomas Menino’s Office of Neighborhood services in 1995. During his time with Mayor Menino, he took a crash course in city services, working on initiatives as simple as ensuring potholes were filled to those as complicated as rehousing those who lost their home in fires. He played a key role organizing the Jackson Square Coordinating Group, which created the community vision to redevelop the neighborhood, and as State Representative fought for state dollars to make that vision a reality: over 600 units of affordable housing have since been developed in Jackson Square, and another 500 units are in the pipeline. Jeff also ran Boston’s 2000 Census, ensuring that everyone, especially those who spoke another language, were counted in the Census.

Realizing his purpose was to serve the community that raised him, Jeff successfully ran for state representative in 2002 following the retirement of Kevin Fitzgerald. In the time since, Sánchez has been proud to represent the diverse and vibrant communities of Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Roslindale, and Precinct 5 in Brookline.

The 15th Suffolk District

Our district encompasses some of the wealthiest and poorest communities in the Commonwealth. This is why Jeff’s legislative agenda focuses on affordable housing, youth violence prevention, ensuring universal access to health care, public education, elderly services, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Legislative Accomplishments

Considered an expert in healthcare policy, Sánchez has authored comprehensive legislation to close the racial health disparities gap, reform the compounding pharmacy practice, and improve school nutrition programs. Perhaps his most important accomplishment was in 2006, where Jeff helped to pass a landmark healthcare law which affirmed healthcare as a right in Massachusetts. The legislation went on to serve as the framework for President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and is responsible for ensuring healthcare for 98% of the state’s population. Jeff’s focus now is how we move onward to make sure access is guaranteed and affordable.

Throughout his tenure as State Representative, Jeff has passed legislation to expand affordable housing, guarantee LGBTQ equality, ensure quality public education, and prevent gun violence in our communities. He was one of the original 50 lawmakers in the state to support marriage equality and championed the strongest gun control laws in the country, including a ban on assault rifles and bumps stocks. After 15 years of advocacy, Jeff’s Language Opportunities for Our Kids (LOOK) bill was signed into law, overturning a failed one-size-fits-all policy to educating English language learner (ELL) students and creating a pathway to ensure ELL students receive a quality education. Jeff’s work passing the Global Warming Solutions Act in 2008 set Massachusetts on a trajectory to lead the nation on renewable energy. And since then, he has successfully pushed to increase solar and wind power.

Jeff was recently appointed Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, where he is responsible for writing the state’s $41 billion budget. He ensures our community has a strong voice in the way those dollars are spent, to ensure our economy – and society as a whole – supports the most vulnerable and gives every person the opportunity to thrive. His first budget was lauded by a diverse coalition of groups, including housing, environmental, and criminal justice advocates, as the most progressive budget in decades.

Since being elected in 2002, Jeff has delivered practical and progressive leadership to the 15th Suffolk District. With your help, Jeff hopes to build on 15 years of service and leadership to the district by continuing to work with our communities and the state legislature in 2018 and beyond.